Basic twitter tips that will improve traffic to your website


Interesting profile

Change the default Twitter logo and use and interesting, clear picture of yours. Give more details such as what you do and have done your interests etc. No long bio info and use keywords that people search to find you. Use a background image with information about services, products you offer also it is not a bad idea to include phone numbers and email.

Meaningful tweets and re-tweets

Do just tweet about everything you do, something like “I am drinking coffee now”. Tweet related what you do or what would be interesting to your followers. If you are short of ideas, try searching the keyword, that you are your followers will be interested in Twitter, re-tweet and article or a blog post of something along your lines. 

Listen, ask and quickly respond

Find your targeted followers, listen to them, ask questions and respond on something they have tweeted. Learn what would make them follow you, what kind of tweets from you make them think that you are an expert? Ask feedback of what you have done, websites, mobile apps etc.


If you are business announce rewards, special offers, discounted price and more… whatever might get their attention and a click to your website.

Stay Connected

Find topics to stay connected with your meaningful users. Don’t let them forget you or your brand. There are millions of twitter users and companies on Twitter. It is so easy your followers to get distracted. That does not mean you spam lot of info that they might be interested or un-follow you.