iPhone app development – What should you know ?

There’s millions of apps in iTunes and the Android market, so there’s always a lot of pressure for a new company to create an app makes a difference in the industry. Start by improving ideas that exist. I think improving existing ideas is step forward in making a better app. You don’t need to focus all your time on just the idea, but more on how to improve it.


Have you started your Android app development yet?

It is not too late if you have not. Android rocks the mobile world and has created fear for iPhone’s share. Android apps are built using Java technology so that gives millions of developers an opportunity to start coding in Android without much of a learning curve. Whereas, iPhone you have to learn Objective C and memory handling…well not an easy job ;) . Here is a power that we put together for Android :


CakePHP framework for web development

In simple words CakePHP development is an open source web application framework for producing web related applications. It is written in PHP, modeled after the concepts of Ruby on Rails, and distributed under the MIT License. The only goal is to enable work in a structured and rapid manner–without loss of flexibility.


Drupal vs. Joomla vs. WordPress – my thoughts as of Jan 2011


Drupal vs. Joomla vs. WordPress – my thoughts as of Jan 2011

There is always an ongoing debate about this topic of which one to choose?  Drupal vs. Joomla vs. WordPress.   My thoughts are from business perspective , if you are a developer or technical person you might have a different opinion.  I am writing for small business owners who does not have much technology background.


Top PHP Frameworks

1. Yii

2. CodeIgniter


List of Java Web Frameworks

  1. Action Framework
  2. AppFuse
  3. Baritus
  4. Barracuda
  5. Bento
  6. Bishop
  7. Cameleon
  8. Canyamo
  9. Cassandra
  10. Chiba
  11. Click
  12. Cocoon
  13. Dinamica
  14. Dovetail
  15. Echo
  16. Expresso
  17. Folium
  18. Genie
  19. GWT
  20. Helma
  21. Jacquard
  22. Jaffa
  23. Japple
  24. JATO
  25. JBanana
  26. Jeenius
  27. JFormular
  28. JPublish
  29. JSF
  30. jStatemachine
  31. Jucas
  32. JWAA
  33. JWarp
  34. jZonic
  35. Macaw
  36. Maverick
  37. Melati
  38. Millstone